Lidl Food Academy is a place for learning and training as well as an opportunity to socialise. It is where we get to know how food has a positive effect on our “Wellbeing”: To live well.

All of the Academy’s services, such as cooking classes, seminars on nutrition, food tasting, wine tasting as well as seminars for specialised categories of foods are provided free of charge to all Lidl customers.

Lidl Food Academy work together with organizations, specialized scientists, nutritionists, doctors, and experts, such as chefs, to provide knowledge and to ensure that participants enjoy interaction, creativity and of course have lots of fun inclass.


The well-designed space of the Academy on 34 Stasikratous Street in Nicosia, is equipped with 6 complete modern kitchen units. An area has been specially for seminars and events with a dining room and cafeteria, while the garden in the back allows for outdoor activities and outdoor dining.