Nutritional options are endless and the way we choose to eat defines us.
Cooking and knowledge about the ingredients and the combination of tastes affects our health and quality of life.

Lidl have introduced many new tastes to Cyprus from cuisines all over the world, and at the same time, introduced excellent basic ingredients and products from the land and producers of Cyprus.
Academy provides nutritional information and dining experience that enrich variety and bring better balance and quality of life.


Food is a way of expression, socializing and love. Food affects our health, mood but n our appearance. Food is not essential for survival, it is a real pleasure for us and for those we love.


Each class has its own theme and can be attended by up to 30 people at a time. It takes place in a casual, pleasant environment and is divided into two parts – theory and practice. Participants are given the ingredients, recipes and whatever else they need free of charge. They are also given aprons to prepare them for the unique experience ahead. Each class ends with everybody sitting together to taste the food they have prepared. The lesson is structured in such a way so as to be interesting and fun for both beginners and experienced cooks. Classes take place on Saturdays, from 9am to 1pm and participants are selected after a draw.

Special lessons for children, aged 6-12, are also available on specific dates.


Lidl customers can take part in a class by filling in a coupon available at Lidl cashiers and answering the question correctly. Lucky participants are drawn once a month. A lucky winner can be accompanied by a significant other with whom he/she can share the experience.

Dedicated to quality and love for good food, Lidl Food Academy reciprocates the trust and love with which customers of Lidl in Cyprus have embraced it since day one. The Lidl Food Academy is a world first for Lidl.