Compliance and abidance to the laws is today more complex than ever. In the global environment legal challenges are continuously increasing. This is the reason why we adapt our processes and systems in the existing legal framework on a permanent basis. To emphasize particularly the importance of compliance, we have established it as a principle of our company: “We comply with the current laws and the internal guidelines”. Compliance is therefore a vital component of our corporate culture. Lidl operates a Compliance Management System that gives you as a customer, business partner or partner of the firm, the ability to act in accordance with uniform and binding structures.

In order to abide to our business principle, it is important that we recognize the potential irregular behaviors on time. We achieve this, among others, through the declaration of suggestions regarding possible violations of compliance. There is infringement of compliance when committed by or against our partners, in the exercise of their work duties, in Cyprus or abroad, violations of current laws or internal guidelines. Such infringements are for example criminal corruption offenses, infringements of competition law and cartel law, offenses relating to data protection law as well as accounting and financial offenses.

In order for us to detect and prevent violations of compliance, we depend substantially on the support of our employees, our customers and our business partners. You can declare signs of compliance violation, in case that you may notice some, in several ways.

We provide several ways through which you are able to declare compliance violations. Regardless the way you choose, we ensure that every suggestion will be treated with strict confidentiality and anonymously, if requested.