Taste of Summer - Terms & Conditions

Lidl Cyprus (hereafter for short: ‘Organiser’) is organising a competition. The information provided is used exclusively for the competition. The recipient of the information provided by participants is exclusively Lidl Cyprus.

The competition starts on 4/8/22 at 9:00 (EET) and ends on 21/8/22 at 1:30 (EET). (‘Period the Competition is being conducted’).

Participation in the competition is only possible under the following conditions. By participating in the competition, each participant fully accepts, and without any reservation, the adherence and compliance with all the conditions of participation.


Participation eligibility

All persons residing in Cyprus who have already reached the age of 18 at the time of their participation in the competition are eligible to participate.



In order for their participation to be considered valid, those interested in participating should take the actions described in the post on Lidl Cyprus’ website www.LidlFoodAcademy.com.cy. More specifically, in the section ‘’Taste of Summer’’ will be posted the seminar’s schedule with title «Taste of Summer». Participants should select the competition they wish to participate in and fill in their name, phone number and email so that we can contact them in case they win, considering they enter the draw.

The prize of the competition is the participation of the winner and a companion of his choice, in one (1) of the seven (7) events that will take place at the Lidl Mouttayiakas store in Limassol, which the participant will have chosen during his or her participation, among those posted on the competition website.

In case one chooses the children’s cooking classes, the prize concerns the participation of an adult with a child up to 12 years old.

These are:

  • 27/8 Saturday (10:00 – 12:00) Participation in a cooking class
  • 27/8 Saturday (18:00 – 20:00) Participation in a cooking class
  • 28/8 Sunday (10:00 – 12:00) Participation in a cooking class
  • 28/8 Sunday (18:00 – 20:00) Participation in a cooking class
  • 29/8 Monday (17:00 – 19:00) Participation in a children’s cooking class for one child
  • 30/8 Tuesday (17:00 – 19:00) Participation in a children’s cooking class for one child
  • 30/8 Tuesday (20:00 – 22:00) Participation in a BBQ with free food and beer


Details about the events are published on the Lidl Food Academy website (Taste of Summer – Lidl Food Academy). It is possible for a winner to win participation in more than one event, as long as he or she has taken part in the individual draws held during

the competition. In the event of a change in the national legislation on issues related to Covid-19, the events may be cancelled or their dates may be modified, in accordance with the directions of new government decisions.

Specifically, participants should correctly answer the question posted on the website so that their participation is considered valid, by choosing the correct answer from the three (3) possible answers, from the following question: ‘Where is the new Lidl store opening in summer 2022? (a) in Kakopetria (b) in Agios Athanasios Limassol (c) in Zygi

The completion of the actions described in the specific post means automatic participation in the competition and full acceptance of these terms. The user who completed the actions acquires the right to enter the draw without requiring any further action on his or her part. It is noted that entries with abusive, offensive or racist content will be deleted and will not included in the draw.

It is expressly clarified that after the end of the time limit for participation in the competition or after the extension or shortening of the competition or after its revocation, any participation is automatically considered invalid, non-existent, thus inducing no result.

Partners, proxies, licensees, agents of Lidl Cyprus, involved companies and their employees are not eligible to enter the competition.


Exclusion of liability

The organiser is not liable for indirect or direct damages resulting from participation in the competition in any way or from the inability to access the Internet server, unless they are due to gross negligence or fraud for which the organiser is responsible. In addition, the organiser is not responsible for any technical failures, in particular network interruptions, electronic failures or computer failures.

The organiser bears no responsibility for the possible existence of a quality problem in the offered products, which is due to the fault of the supplier-producing company. It is also not responsible for any quality problem in the offered products, which occurred after they were delivered to the lucky winner.


Winner drawing process

Winners are determined by a closed-door draw, in the presence of legal counsel, and ensuring random selection. Winners are determined from among all eligible participants who were eligible to participate in the draw at the end of the competition, i.e. after the end of the competition period. At the end of the competition period, namely on July 25, 2022, the following will be drawn among valid entrants:

Twelve (12) winners and 10 substitutes to participate in one of the predetermined cooking classes.

thirty-five (35) winners and fifteen (15) substitutes to participate in the pre-arranged BBQ night.


Participation in the competition and the acceptance of the prize does not imply any financial or other kind of claims of the participants from the organiser. In no case is it possible to replace/exchange the prizes with other prizes or their corresponding monetary value. The participants and the recipient of the prize do not acquire any rights to the trademarks and other insignia of Lidl Cyprus.


Winner’s update

Each winner will be informed by the organiser, or its representative by phone, or email within 24 hours.

The winners must accept the prize within two (2) calendar days, from the last contact attempt by the Organiser. Winners will be notified by phone and email immediately after the draw. If they do not answer, a repeat call will be made the next day. “After 48 hours of the last contact attempt*, if the winner does not accept the prize or respond to phone calls or emails, an substitute will be selected.”

The Organiser is not responsible for the completeness and/or correctness of the information provided by the winner. In the event that the prize cannot be dispatched due to incomplete and/or incomplete and/or untimely entry of details, winners waive any claim to the prize, without reserving any right to compensation or other satisfaction. In this case, as well as in the case that one of the winners does not wish/is unable to follow all the conditions of the competition, the first runner-up will be invited in his or her place. There is no obligation to accept the prize on the part of the runner-up. If the runner-up also fails to comply with the conditions described herein, then no other winner will be drawn and there is no obligation on the part of the organiser to return the prize.


Disqualification from the competition

In case of violation of these conditions of participation, the Organiser reserves the right to exclude the specific persons from the competition without warning. People who use unacceptable aids (eg hacker tools, viruses, Trojans, etc.) or create advantages for themselves by other means of falsification are excluded. Also, anyone who participates on behalf of a third party (with or without the knowledge of the third party) may be excluded from the competition. It is also not possible to participate in the competition through competition associations, automated services and especially through a professional service. In any case of disqualification the prizes may be removed or the return of prizes already paid for or delivered may be demanded at a later date.


Early termination of the competition

The organiser reserves the right to suspend or complete the competition when there is a serious reason or when there is a relevant instruction/requirement of a competent authority. If the reason for the suspension of the competition is a participant, the organiser may demand compensation for the damage suffered from that person.


Consent to the processing of personal data

In the context and for the needs of the competition, Lidl Cyprus (Pigasou 2, Aradippou Industrial Zone, CY-7100, Larnaca, VAT number: CY 30010823A) as data controller within the meaning of article 4, number 7 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will process the personal data of participants registered when submitting their participation in the said competition exclusively for this purpose. In particular, the Organiser will keep a file with the personal data of participants and winners and/or substitutes who will accept the prize. The provision of your personal data is necessary in order to enable your participation

in the competition pursuant to article 6, paragraph 1, point b) of the GDPR. In the event that consent is given in the context of this competition, Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR is the legal basis for any data processing carried out on the basis of such consent. Recipients of your personal data will in principle only be the authorised staff of the Organiser who are charged with tasks for the implementation of the competition. In addition, in the context of this processing and for the needs of the implementation of the above purposes, the Organiser may use the services of third parties, with whom the personal data of the winners and/or substitutes will be shared. These service providers are carefully selected and contractually bound to the Organiser. Except for these cases, your data is not passed on to third parties. Your personal data will be kept for as long as is absolutely necessary for the implementation of the competition and will be destroyed and/or deleted after 1 month from the sending/delivery of the prize to designated winners. In the event of distribution of non-monetary prizes, winners’ data will be stored for the duration of legal warranty claims so that in the event of a defect we can arrange for their repair or replacement where required. The name and/or place of residence of the winner may be published in the Organiser’s printed and electronic advertising media (eg press release, website, internal and external social networks). This data is processed on the basis of Article 6, paragraph 1, point b) of the GDPR, since it is a relevant provision in the conditions of participation in a competition and Article 6, paragraph 1, point f) of the GDPR, as the Organiser has a legitimate interest to display and advertise the competitions it conducts. In the event that photography/videography is to take place with the winners of the competition, the produced material of which will be published in electronic and printed media of the Organiser and/or in third-party media collaborating with the Organiser, the Organiser will ask for your consent in advance, based on article 6, paragraph 1, letter a) of the GDPR. Such consent may be revoked at any time with effect for the future. In accordance with the provisions of Articles 13 to 15 of the GDPR, participants in the competition (data subjects) have the right to information and the right to access to your personal data. In addition, you retain, on the basis of the stated conditions and other legal specifications, the right to rectification in accordance with Article 16 of the GDPR, the right to deletion in accordance with Article 17 of the GDPR, the right to restrict processing in accordance with Article 18 of the GDPR, the right to data portability in accordance with Article 20 of the GDPR and right to object to processing in accordance with Article 21 of the GDPR. For further information regarding the processing of your personal data, your above rights, as well as the exercise thereof, including the withdrawal of your consent, you may contact the Organiser in writing by sending an e-mail to the address dataprotection@lidl.com.cy or a registered letter to the above address. In addition, you have the right to submit a complaint to a supervisory authority in accordance with the above legislation. The competent data protection supervisory authority for Cyprus is the Office of the Personal Data Commissioner (Iasonos 1, 1082, P.O. 23378, 1682 Nicosia). For more information about our activities in relation to the processing of data in the context of competitions, please visit our Data Protection Policy in the section relating to competitions.


Submission of competition conditions

The present conditions as well as other conditions governing the competition as well as the answer to the question of the competition are deposited in the law office of L. PAPAFILIPPOU & SIA D.E.P.E., 17 Ifigenias Street, 2007 Strovolos, telephone 22271000 (Responsible lawyer Giorgos Valiantis), from where anyone who is interested can obtain information, at his or her own expense.


Other regulations

In addition, the Organiser reserves the right to change these conditions of participation at any time, without warning and without special notice if this is required for legal or factual reasons.

Complaints regarding the conduct of the competition should be addressed to the Organiser in writing within seven (7) calendar days of notification of the cause, to the following address: socialmedia@lidl.com.cy. Complaints submitted by telephone or late will not be processed.

If individual provisions of these terms of participation become invalid, the legal validity of the other terms of participation is not affected. The no longer valid term is replaced by a legally valid regulation that corresponds to the purpose of the repealed terms as much as possible.

Cypriot Law applies.