Spotlight on «ASIAN CUISINE»!

Exotic tastes from Asia and the Far East took pride of place at the Lidl Food Academy on 34 Stasicratous Street Nicosia on Saturday, 26 February

Under the guidance of Chef Konstantinos Petevinos, the lucky winners of the Lidl draw were introduced to the secrets of preparing tasty Asian cuisine dishes.

With his love for fine cooking that combines the right flavours with the correct preparation, Chef Petevinos presented the special characteristics of ‘’Asian cuisine’’ originating from a large part of the world that includes India, Pakistan, Vietnam, China and Japan.

As he said in his introduction, this cuisine is particularly tasty and healthy, rich in vegetables, a large number of fresh spices and without much fat. It combines the protein of meat with fibre from vegetables and starch from rice or noodles, which almost always accompany the dishes, providing the right nutritional balance. The cuisine of each region has its own characteristics depending on the particular ingredients and the influence they have incorporated through the centuries.

The following Recipes were presented and executed at the lesson:

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In Lidl Food Academy’s comfortable and well organised kitchen, the lucky participants were divided into teams depending on the recipe they were interested it,  were given the Lidl  ingredients required for their recipe and under the guidance of Chef Konstantinos Petevinos and his assistant, prepared magnificent and delicious “Asian cuisine” dishes.

And all this is joyful atmosphere, with lots of fun and creativity!

Once the cooking and serving was over, the cooks duly honoured the dishes, praising the colours, combinations and tasty flavours of the “Asian cuisine” that they had prepared.

Refreshing juices and drinks added to the fun and perfectly accompanied “Asian cuisine” and the wonderful experience of participating in this special cooking lesson of the Lidl Food Academy.

Don’t forget, all the ingredients needed to make well-known dishes from “Asian cuisine” are to be found at your nearby Lidl!