Spotlight on “Mexican cuisine” at Lidl Food Academy

Colorful, inviting and delicious, “Mexican cuisine” is ideal for all seasons. And what’s best? All the ingredients needed for “Mexican” food are to be found at your nearby Lidl!

Under the guidance of Chef Konstantinos Petevinos, lucky draw winners were introduced to the preparation and presentation of delicious Mexican cuisine dishes on Saturday, February 12, 2016, at Lidl Food Academy on 34 Stasikratous Street in Nicosia.

Introducing the country and its history, the ancient, world-renowned civilizations of Aztecs and Mayans, the Spanish Conquistadors who also imposed their nutrition habits, Chef Petevinos shared secrets of real “mexican cuisine” and handed out recipes and tips on how to prepare authentic dishes.

The following Recipes were presented and prepared at the lesson:

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In Lidl Food Academy’s comfortable and well organized Kitchen, the lucky participants were divided into teams depending on the recipe they were interested in, were given the Lidl ingredients required for their recipe and under the guidance of Chef Konstantinos Petevinos and his assistant, prepared magnificent and delicious “Mexican cuisine” dishes. And all this in a joyful atmosphere, with lots of fun and creativity.

Lidl Food Academy’ dining area was full of colour and aromas as impressive “Mexican” dishes were proudly presented by the cooks who duly honoured them while exchanging tips and praise. Refreshing strawberry and lime “margaritas,” as well as good wine and beer perfectly accompanied the team’s “Mexican cuisine” creations.

Lidl Food Academy’s cooking lesson was marked with success and with smiles galore!